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  1. Akinojas
    Akinojas2 years ago

    Dlc de mulher, pqp me mata a mulher dessas !

  2. Kegul
    Kegul2 years ago

    Of course the Pathological Liar in Chief compulsively lies about everything, but lying about 9/11 related matters is real specialty of his. Off the top of my head, the Orange Scumbag has lied that thousands of Muslims were cheering on the streets after 9/11, lied that he lost hundreds of friends in the attack, lied the Wall Street opened the day after the attack, lied that after the attack he had the tallest building in Manhattan.

  3. Gardami
    Gardami2 years ago

    Haven't delt w a lot of aisle blockers but did have a woman w her 5 kids blocking the entrance to express lane at the grocery store while they checked there shopping list..actually heard cashier call a manager to deal w them

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